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HapiKids Yoga


Did you know that kids can greatly benefit from yoga? Even the youngest humans can often become overwhelmed and stressed, just like most adults. Soleyah has taught yoga to kids of all ages. She has been welcomed at Solomon Elementary, Abilene Middle School, and St. Andrew’s Catholic School. Soleyah has two young children of her own; she and her family have created a safe space for kids to unite in their creative fire. HapiSoul offers yoga for kids of all ages, an art space where youth can create and explore, as well as a well-furnished toy room for the little ones. 



HAPIKIDS YOGA CAMP (ages 4 and up) 

⭐️. ⭐️. ⭐️. ⭐️.

Kids will learn tools to :

  • calm their busy minds and bodies
  • cope with stress (yes, kids get stressed too)
  • concentrate and focus attention of the mind
  • gain body awareness through a yoga practice
  • connect with themselves and peers
  • become environmentally conscious & friendly

Each Day includes :

  • Kid-friendly FUN yoga class!
  • Healthy Snack Time + Eating Gratefully
  • Creativity Time w/ Stories, Arts & Crafts
  • Free to be Me Time

🌟Small class sizes, only 8 spaces available

RSVP your child / pay in advance

Contact Soleyah (913)426-1024 • hapisoulyoga@gmail.com