100% organic, bullsh**-free yoga

Uniquely Yoga

What to Expect~

DO expect your understanding of yoga to become more clear. You may be surprised.

Don’t expect to bend your body into a pretzel or put your foot behind your head.

DO expect to feel better, breathe better, and rest better. You may feel more energized.

Don’t expect for yoga to be your weight-loss program or only fitness- it’s not about fitness!

DO expect to realize that you are amazing just the way you are.

Don’t expect to reach yogi super-natural powers or worship unicorns or Buddha. Yoga is not a religion, it is a way of life.

DO expect to awaken to your full potential and most likely be a kinder, happier, healthier version of yourself.

And finally, do not expect your yoga teacher to blow fluff up your a$$ or get all airyfairy and pretend that yoga is all rainbows, sprinkles & happiness- it’s not.

Do expect to be real, be raw & honest with yourself and others.

Cut the Bullshit. This is YOGA.


Soleyah’s style of teaching helps keep the practitioner present, in order to sustain mindfulness (being present with what is) in any given moment. While beginners are welcomed in any class, the following class options have been assigned a number 1, 2 or 3 when it comes to physical demand. Keep in mind each type of class does have its own benefit, so if you typically have a high energy, physical practice, you might enjoy trying a meditation or restorative class. These in no way represent different “levels” of a yoga practice. Each practitioner’s “level” may vary from day to day considering effort maintained- be it physical, mental or emotional.

{Trust your instinct or ask Soleyah if you’re unsure where to begin.}


EARTH~ 45 minutes of functional movement, based on alignment and the specific needs for each individual body. We move with intention and connect breath with movement, while exploring the philosophy and fundamentals of a yoga practice. (2)

WATER~ A relaxing flow set to a steady pace. Get your blood flowing and then slow down & relax with restorative postures. Leave with a refreshed mind, body and spirit.  60 minutes (1-2)

RESTORE~ A healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Honor the body by taking the time to slow down. Our focus is on specific areas such as shoulders, neck, spine and hips. A meditation practice is always included to steady & strengthen the mind. Hold postures for a set length of time in order to release tension and improve circulation. Most postures are held passively, requiring very little physical effort- this gives the body the proper rest and nurture it craves. (1)

Yoga w/ Weights~ The perfect start to your day to awaken on a positive note. This 45 minute class begins with a gentle warmup and meditation followed with 25 minutes of yoga postures incorporated with dumbbells. Choose from 2,3,5,8lbs or no weights. End with a relaxing cooldown. Begin your day strong, open minded, and attentive. (2-3)

Yin Yoga~ Not the same as restorative yoga, this practice stems from Chinese medicine and the concept of Yin + Yang. While the majority of our lives are spent in active mode (yang), this practice helps to create balance through the cooling aspect of yin. Many yoga classes and physical exercises create strength and flexibility in the muscles; yin yoga is intended to target the connective tissues and joints. Through a passive deep stretch, hold postures for lengths of 2-6 minutes. This practice can definitely pose a productive challenge for those who may have trouble focusing or being still. (1-2)

FIRE~ This 60 minute class is intended to challenge you both physically and mentally. Previous yoga experience is recommended but not required. Be prepared to move & sweat! (2-3)

Beginners Asana~ Asana refers to the postural aspects of the yoga practice. Learn basic postures and practice proper alignment for your specific body’s needs. No prior experience necessary. Open to all levels!  (1)



  1. Robin Daniels Robin Daniels
    June 8, 2015    

    interested in the foundations class

  2. Kayla Roper Kayla Roper
    March 4, 2016    

    Im interested in the Foundations class im new to yoga but would love to get started.
    Also i wanted to reserve my spot for your event Yoga and Wine but wasnt sure how to.

  3. hapisoul hapisoul
    March 14, 2016    

    Hi Kayla. Thank you for your interest! Foundations classes are Mon/Wed 11:10-11:50 or Thursday at 4:40pm. No need to register for those, just give me a heads up via FB or email when you know you’re coming and I will save you a spot! Our next Yoga & Wine will be Sunday April 3rd. Hope to meet you soon!


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